"I purchased this book for my son so he can study for his ASVAB and it assisted him a lot and prepared him for some of the subjects that he would be asked during the actual test. My husband is military and he said this study guide is a helpful tool. We like it so much that we are ordering the updated version if there is one, for my daughter who is joining this year."

-       Kimberly, 2/13/2015


"I tutor ACT preparation for high school students and this book is great! I used it for the first time with one of my students and found it easy to follow as well as full of information that will be useful to him at the ACT exam. He liked it because it was a good review for him in his basic math and reading. I will be back for more of these books as I get ACT students. The price is great and I can afford to give them to my students as personal copies."

-       Diana, 7/14/2016


"Just took the SIFT today and scored a 74. I studied this book for about 2 weeks along with the FM and FAA manual that everyone else recommends. Since this is the only study guide that currently supports the SIFT it's pretty much a must have item, if for no other reason the formatting in this guide is exactly as laid out on the SIFT. I thought a few of the sections in this guide were harder than the actual test which is exactly what you want in a study guide. Buy with confidence."

-       Matthew, 7/1/2014


"Excellent study guide to use while studying for the GRE. This book gives great and broad information about the GRE and it is explained significantly well. In addition, this book tells you all the tricks that are on the GRE and how to overcome them. You should use other resources as well but this is a great starting point. Highly recommend to anyone who's serious about doing well on the GRE."

-       Zaid, 7/26/2016

AP English Language and Composition

"Iā€™m very happy with this book. The core concepts were covered in detail, yet remained concise. The 4 practice tests were extremely high quality, as well as the answer explanations."

-       Tyler, 7/2/2015